Private Fire Protection Systems I Course

Private Fire Protection Systems I Course by Couch Courses of Florida

Specialized firefighting equipment and safety measures are a huge part of doing your job in the Florida Fire Service. The many remarkable technologies and tools on our fire engines, rescues and other vehicles allow us to maximize our training, our skills and our courage when called to protect our communities from fires, medical trauma and other emergencies.

But equally important is our understanding of the location of the emergency itself. Florida firefighters must be equally familiar with the fire protection systems already in place when we arrive at a structure fire in a residence, business, or other private property. This way we can offer the best assessment and form an appropriate, effective and life-saving plan of action.

Couch Courses’ Private Fire Protection Systems I course provides extensive training in private fire protection and detection systems: where they are, how they work, what they tell us about the fire, and how they will aid or affect our ability to do our jobs.

This 45-hour, continuous enrollment online course also meets a mandatory requirement for the Florida Fire Officer II certification as well as Florida Firesafety Inspector I.

What are Private Fire Protection/Detection Systems?

Private Fire Protection Systems include both a private structure’s automatic and/or built-in fire mitigation measures, as well as the detection systems that detect fires and warn occupants and the fire department that a fire has started within the building.

Fire protection systems that mitigate existing fires include automatic sprinklers, manually operated standpipe water supplies used by firefighters on the scene, chemical fire suppression systems, and portable fire extinguishers available to civilians.

Private fire detection systems often link directly to fire alarms (and sometimes directly to fire departments) and include smoke detectors, heat detectors and manual pull stations.

These detection devices may or may not link to fire protection systems. Their purpose is primarily to notify a building’s occupants of immediate danger.

Why Should Firefighters Study Private Protection Systems?

While you will be equipped with the best firefighting tools and fire safety equipment as a member of the Florida Fire Service, you must also have an extensive grasp of the setting of every fire you encounter. Private fire detection systems can greatly change the behavior of a fire as well as the characteristics of the building itself.

Additionally, these systems can go a long way in saving lives, and the Private Fire Protection Systems Course will familiarize you with the proper operation and maintenance of these systems—so that they’ll be operational if and when an emergency happens.

What will I Learn from the Fire Protection Systems Online Course?

This 45-hour course, which is entirely online, addresses the components of different types of fire protection systems—both the science behind how they work and how they’re properly installed. For water-based fire protection systems, especially standpipe systems, this information includes water supplies and water supply apparatus.

Upon completion of the course, you will also understand codes and requirements for the installation and operation of these systems. The course covers how these systems interact with each other and what information you can gather based on how the information is relayed to emergency response.

This course requires purchase of the Fire Protection Systems: Third Edition (ISBN: 9781284180138).

The Couch Courses Fire Protection Systems Course Benefits

 By signing up for Private Fire Protection Systems through Couch Courses, you’re taking a significant (and required) step toward your certification as a Florida Fire Officer.

You’re also learning foundational knowledge and skills about how fire protection and detection systems work within private infrastructure, and what you will encounter when called to fight fires there.

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