About Couch Courses

Couch Courses is a life-paced online school focusing on self-study programs for career development and advancement that was a concept born as a result of ever-changing times by Co-Founders Michael McNeeley and Mike Brucci. 

In a time of dual-income households, educational goals, and a global pandemic, the brick-and-mortar classroom may not be the best for you.

Brick and mortar schools increasingly pose the challenges of social distancing, proper cleanliness habits, travel, and increased expenses.  The courses are at designated times and locations, making it difficult to balance other obligations. These disadvantages, especially the expenses, are transferred to the students.   Overcoming these barriers, combined with all other obstacles and hurdles in life, are the foundation for Couch Courses.

Couch Courses is an agency with the mission to transform lives through education and service.  Our educational process delivers on this mission by giving each student a roadmap to achieve their aspirations.

  • A self-paced educational program designed to fit any lifestyle and schedule.
  • An affordable online learning platform.
  • Ability to study from the comfort of your favorite study location.

Our courses provide students the ability to become an inspired leader in a learning community that fosters a positive spirit, strong character, and heart to serve the greater good, for life.

We welcome you to our online learning community and look forward to serving you.

Meet Our Staff

Dr. Angel McNeeley

Michael McNeeley

Kelli Brucci

Mike Brucci

Dr. Angel McNeeley

Dr. Angel McNeeley is from Cleveland, Ohio and currently resides in Southwest Florida.  She earned a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from John Carroll University, and Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Educational Leadership with a focus on Curriculum and Instruction from the American College of Education.  Dr. McNeeley has been an educator for 20 years serving as a classroom teacher, lead teacher, and now as an Assistant Principal at the high school level.  She is a committed instructional leader who focuses on student achievement, teacher’s impact on student progress, and creating learning environments which are conducive to student learning.  Dr. McNeeley enjoys coaching research-based instructional strategies, is a confident strategic planner, and collects and analyzes data to plan for both faculty and student development.  She is excited to be part of the Couch Courses community and looks forward to assisting professionals in their career goals.

Michael McNeeley

I was born and raised on the west side of Cleveland, Ohio. My father was a firefighter/paramedic and retired after 25 years in the fire service. I was fortunate to have a father who helped me achieve the best version of me. I have always enjoyed helping others as a result of his teachings.

After high school, I earned a Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Management and Labor Relations. My first few professional work experiences were with Fortune 100 companies in their management trainee programs. These experiences allowed me to observe and participate in many functions associated with business operations, including employee and process development. Quickly after, I pursued my business goals of starting my own painting company and successfully functioned in all aspects associated with running that business.

I moved to Florida in 2005 for the beautiful climate change and decided to follow in my father’s footsteps by becoming a firefighter and paramedic. I successfully completed fire school and paramedic school in the state of Florida and was hired by a local fire/ems agency.

I held the position of field trainer for 6 years with this agency. That allowed me to train and fulfill my obligation preparing new paramedics to serve the community. I collaborated with other dedicated employees on the agency’s new protocols, along with other projects that improved our performance in the field.

I currently hold the rank of Lieutenant with that same agency. I have maintained all required education standards associated with the fire and emergency medical service, along with obtaining other levels of education in areas such as special operations, instructor, investigator, inspector, incident safety officer, and other specialties. During these productive years I recognized not only an opportunity for improvement in our industry, but the desire to help bridge the gap for people seeking self-improvement anywhere. Through my experiences, my passion lies in learning and teaching others. I have partnered with skilled and experienced educators – my wife, Dr. Angel McNeeley, and my coworker, Lt. Michael Brucci, in creating an affordable and convenient online learning platform in a safe environment – your couch.

Kelli Brucci

Kelli Brucci is a Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT) with distinction as an Adult Critical Care Specialist (ACCS).

As a Florida native, Kelli has lived in SouthWest Florida her entire life, aside from a short time that she lived in Alaska and New Jersey. She has the privilege of working in two different hospitals, the hospital that she was born in and the hospital that she trained in.

Kelli earned her A.S. Degree in Respiratory Therapy at Florida Southwestern College in 2007.
In addition to her RRT and ACCS credentials, Kelli also holds certifications in American Heart
BLS, ACLS and PALS as well as Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP).

As a career hospital employee, Kelli is excited to bring another element to the Couch Courses
team. Her passion for people sets her aside from many others. Kelli is often the go-to person for
students in training and a mentor as they continue into the workforce. Through several years of
working with students, Kelli has grown a passion to empower others with knowledge.

Mike Brucci

Born and raised in the Chicago area, Mike moved to Florida at the age of 12. Mike played football all through middle school and high school which earned him a football scholarship for college where he attended college at Culver-Stockton College in Missouri for 2 years, until a back injury ended his days of playing football. This injury was a game changer for the path of his life.

After college he returned to Florida and resumed college classes while helping run his family’s
wholesale/retail produce business. After the death of his father Mike ran the business until it sold in August of 2004. 

In April of 2006 Mike began his career as a first responder with his first position as Firefighter/EMT. Never passing up an opportunity to take a class started mike on a career path of improvement.

Mike has promoted from EMT to Paramedic and then to Field Trainer. Additionally he was promoted from Firefighter to Lieutenant to the position that he currently holds, Lieutenant/Paramedic.

Through continued education Mike has earned his Associates Degree and continue to look and
move forward.

As a co-founder and partner in Couch Courses Mike hopes to offer such education and advancement for others. As a married father of 3, he knows the obstacles that one can face with education in the traditional brick and mortar schools.