Privacy Policy

Couch Courses ensures the appropriate collection, use, sharing, and handling of your personal information.  We take the privacy and security of your personal information seriously whether you are a student, agency, vendor, or instructor.  Couch Courses may, from time to time, modify the notices of privacy changes to reflect legal, technological, and other developments.  The changes will appear here, and you may be notified directly as required by local law.

How Do We Keep Your Information Secure?

We use a secure socket layer, otherwise known as that SSL, so your information is encrypted using the https:// protocol.

Intelligent IP address blocking on our web hosting server detects intruders and blocks them across all sites on all servers within seconds. Monitoring popular points of entry for hackers and immediately locking out any IP address trying to get through. These points include:

  • Failed SSH Access Attempts
  • Failed WordPress Login Attempts
  • Spam WordPress Comments
  • XMLRPC Connections (which we fully block by default)

Our hosting company uses a variety of techniques to block traffic starting with preventing known malicious IP addresses from opening a session with the server, which is a very severe and immediate action. Another softer layer of security we provide is our proprietary caching ban. This method detects “banned” access attempts and displays a cached page to the visitor stating that their connection has been banned. This method stops the connection at the highest layer of our website hosting software stack and utilizes the fewest server resources while still presenting a user-friendly response. On the rare occasion that a user has forgotten their password and keeps trying dozens of times in just a few minutes, they’ll see a ban page but will be presented with easy, on-screen instructions to get their IP un-banned.

Since banned IP information is shared across sites, we develop a kind of “herd immunity” to malicious actors in real-time as the attacks come in. So our site’s protected from hackers before they even try to attack.

Malware Prevention

We pride ourselves on keeping the bad guys out of our site’s files and database through the preventative security measures mentioned above. That being said, malware prevention is an ongoing cat and mouse game where systems have to react and adapt to the ever-changing security gaps introduced by third-party plugins, third-party themes, or weak passwords.