Columbia Southern University

Columbia Southern University

Couch Courses and Columbia Southern University (CSU) have joined together to create an affiliate partnership to bring you an exceptional learning experience.

What does this mean to you?
As noted below on the CSU “Tuition Discount” flyer, students and staff of Couch Courses can enjoy the benefits of an application fee waiver ($25 value) and a 10% tuition discount. If your employer offers a tuition reimbursement plan, that 10% discount is applied before your employer reimbursement.

Our agreement:
Due to our special agreement with Columbia Southern University (CSU) many of our courses (which currently cost $125.00) can be converted for college credit. All you have to do is take your certificate of completion and submit it to the college for credit conversion. The conversion process is totally free to you. If you take these courses through the college, they’ll cost you about $635 after your Couch Courses student discount, for the same exact amount of credit. That means that you can focus and finish a class in a week or less. Self paced courses taken directly through Columbia Southern have a 4 week minimum and a 10 week maximum per class.

You can find the course conversion below and within the course description of each course. Some courses convert to specific college credits while others convert to electives. Regardless of specific class or elective, this process saves you time and money.

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Course conversion agreement list

Are you degree seeking?

Earning a degree:
Students are required to take 25% of their degree seeking credits at the institution that will issue their degree.

  • An Associate’s Degree requires a student to complete 60 credit hours, 15 of which must be earned at the issuing institution.
  • A Bachelor’s Degree requires a student to complete 120 credit hours, 30 of which must be earned at the issuing institution.
  • A Master’s Degree requires a student to complete 180 credit hours, 45 of which must be earned at the issuing institution.

Firefighters supplemental compensation program:
Florida State Firefighters who hold a degree can be eligible for the “Firefighters supplemental compensation program” through the state of Florida. This program offers degree holders the following compensations:

  • Associates Degree = $50/month
  • Bachelors Degree = $110/month

For application and compensation information click here

A student who is working towards their Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree would be charged $705 for a 3-hour class. Once you apply the Couch Courses 10% discount, the student can expect to pay $635 for the 3-hour class. Upon completion, your employer will then reimburse you based on their policy. If your employer offers a 50% reimbursement, you would then be reimbursed $317.50 and would have paid $317.50 out-of-pocket.

  • A student is eligible to transfer 45 credit hours through a combination of college level classes and BFST certification towards their Associate’s Degree requiring them to then take 5 classes, 15 credit hours, at CSU. With an out-of-pocket expense of $317.50 per 3-hour class, the student in this example could expect to have a total out of pocket expense of $1,587.50.
  • Students can transfer a maximum of 60 credit hours through a combination of college-level classes and BFST certification toward their Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree.