How to promote to a Fire Lieutenant in Florida

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I have been in the fire service for around twelve years. All of my career has been served in the Sarasota, Bradenton, Charlotte County area in beautiful South West Florida.

After many years of high volume 911 service, I have decided to promote to the next step in my agency which is a Fire Lieutenant and figured a guide with hints, tips, suggestions would be a great tool for those aspiring Fire Officers in Florida.

In my agency and true to most in this area in order to promote to a Fire Officer requires a few prerequisites:

NYFD Promotion Ceremony 7/18

Pump Operator

  • Apparatus Operations BFST1302/ATPC1302
    A 45 Hour Course that satisfies Florida State Fire Colleges’ pre-certification requirements.
    Required textbook: ISBN 978-0-879399-574-2 
    Pumping Apparatus Driver/Operator Handbook, 3rd Ed IFSTA 
  • Fire Service Hydraulics BFST1301/ATPC1301
    Another 45 Hour Course that also satisfies Florida State Fire Colleges’ pre-certification requirements. After completing both of the above courses, which Couch Courses is working on adding to their class catalog, you are eligible to sit for the Pump Operator state exam administered by PearsonVue scheduled through the Florida Fire College.

Fire Officer 1

Possess an active Firefighter Certificate of Compliance issued by the Florida Division of Fire Standards or have met the curriculum requirements for Firefighter Part I as defined in 69A-37.055(1) F.A.C. Complete the Fire Officer I Curriculum:
Complete the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation “Courage to be Safe” course Meet the job performance requirements of NFPA 1021 – Fire Officer I (2009). Submit an Application for Fire Officer I Certification, on FCDICE online or by mail Pass the Fire Officer I Exam with a score of 70% or higher. Submit the Fire Officer 1 task book. DFS-K4-2106

Fire Instructor 1

Fire Instructor one requires six-years experience in the Fire Service and the following classes.


Most agencies require a minimum requirement of years in grade and experience with the same agency.

Agency Specific Testing

Once the educational components are accomplished and all certifications are successfully obtained from Florida Department of Fire Standards. An interested candidate would normally apply for a position and be put through agency specific testing relevant to the position.

Written Tests

Most agencies start their promotional process with a written test which typically consists of fire officer questions pulled from several books. Rules and Regulations from your agency, Union Contract, HR Policies and procedures. In my agency they use the following books which are great reads for an aspiring Fire Lieutenant in Florida.
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Coaching Counseling Scenario

The agencies typically also do a graded couching counseling scenario that requires the knowledge of managerial tools and department specific polices and procedures. This can be a employee dispute resolution, alcohol or drug incident etc. The attached video is a scenario with some examples on how to excel.

Tactical Fire Scenario

Of course, how could a potential new Fire Officer not be tested on a fire based scenario. I have heard these range from multi-casualty events, hazmat incidents, train derailments, to the bread and butter house fire. Again a video sample of a table top or video based tactical scenario is included to assist you in understanding the process.

The Panel Interview

Hopefully, you have made it past all the other hurdles listed above and make it to the final panel interview. All of the components of this promotional exam are important but the interview is where you finally get to sell your talents and make an impression on the interview panel.

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