Firefighter Task Books

Bureau of Fire Standards and Training Firefighter Task Books.  We describe what they are, where they come from, what purpose they serve.   Do you need to complete them for a firefighter certification?  Read on and find out!

What’s A Task Book And What Does It Look Like?

Simply put, a firefighter task book is a written document that is used as a tool to measure the ability of an applicant to perform skills specific to a position. 

There is a section that the applicant must provide their personal information as requested.  Followed by a description of the form and the requirements.

There are numerous tasks listed that require demonstration to an evaluator.  The tasks that are being measured are common for the position the prospects are applying for, and hence should be easily achievable. 

View the task book sample provided.  This is just a sample and some task books will be longer or shorter depending on the skills necessary to perform for the position applied to,

Where Do They Come From?

The Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) determines the make-up of the task books.  In a lot of circumstances, that would be the Bureau of Fire Standards and Training for each specific state.  In Florida, that is the Florida Bureau of Fire Standards and Training.

What Purpose Do They Serve?

Firefighter Task Books help applicants satisfy the Job Performance Requirements (JPR) of the applicable National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards, as well as any applicable skill sheets. 

Job Performance Requirements are unique to each position, and are what agencies desire candidates to possess.

The task books allow the candidate to show their competency by demonstrating knowledge, skills and, abilities required of those positions prior to filling them.

Candidate/Applicant Expectations

We recommend candidates work on completing the academic requirements while simultaneously accomplishing associated skills in the task book.  This requires some careful planning.  Try not to wait until the last minute for your opportunity to promote or obtain approved certification.

The applicants are required to maintain, complete, and submit the firefighter task books.  They are held to the highest standard to have qualified individuals evaluate their performance.  By signing and submitting the document to the Bureau, they are testifying that the information is true and correct, and that if they falsify information, they could be subject to penalty and have their certification revoked.

Evaluator Expectations

Usually the evaluator is a direct supervisor, training officer, or Fire Chief designee.  They are responsible for observing the performance of the candidate/applicant.  Once the skills are observed, they attest through their signature and date of when the task was observed.

In the State of Florida, the evaluator signs their name, including their Instructor ID, and dates the observed skill.

Alternatively, in the State of Florida, on request of the candidate, the Division shall designate an alternate evaluator independent of the candidate’s employing Fire Service Provider. This alternate evaluator shall be a Florida Certified Fire Officer and Florida Certified Instructor.  

Florida Bureau of Fire Standards and Training Task Book List

Looking to promote and need to know if your desired position requires a firefighter task book?  We have a complete list of Florida Bureau of Fire Standards and Training task books and the certificates they serve below with their respective links.   Get after it!

  • Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) Task Books

  • Firesafety Inspector Certifications Task Book

  • Safety Officer Certification Task Books

  • Fire Officer Program Task Books

  • FLUSAR Program Task Books

    • DFS-K4-2148Confined Space Rescue Operations Task Book (PDF)
    • DFS-K4-2149Confined Space Rescue Technician Task Book (PDF)
    • DFS-K4-2150Rope Rescue Operations Task Book (PDF)
    • DFS-K4-2151Rope Rescue Technician Task Book (PDF)
    • DFS-K4-2152Structural Collapse Rescue Operations Task Book (PDF)
    • DFS-K4-2153Structural Collapse Rescue Technician Task Book (PDF)
    • DFS-K4-2154Trench Rescue Operations Task Book (PDF)
    • DFS-K4-2155Trench Rescue Technician Task Book (PDF)
    • DFS-K4-2156Vehicle and Machinery Rescue Operations Task Book (PDF)
    • DFS-K4-2157Vehicle Machinery Rescue Technician Task Book (PDF)

We also have a comprehensive certification list for our coursework on our website with associated task books under them here.

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