How to Complete Tactics and Strategies II for Florida Firefighters

How to Complete Tactics and Strategies II for Florida Firefighters

Congratulations! If you’ve gotten to our Couch Courses Tactics and Strategies II online course, then your career as a Florida firefighter is already off to a great start.

(For one thing, you should already have the required textbook for this class—Strategic & Tactical Considerations on the Fireground—which was also used for our Tactics and Strategies I course.)

And if you’re considering enrolling in Tactics and Strategies II, then you’re probably working toward your certification as Fire Officer II and potentially Fire Service Instructor. Our goal as a fire service online school is to help you achieve your career goals. And as a reminder, all Couch Courses online classes are already approved by the Bureau of Fire Standards and Training.

So what will you need to learn in order to complete this course?

Tactics and Strategies II for Florida Firefighters Training Topics

As a key step toward advancing your career and achieving a leadership position within the Florida fire service, Tactics and Strategies II will train you to lead your fellow firefighters during a variety of fire scenarios and other emergency situations.

Emergency leadership requires a strong command of effective tactics for each type of scenario. But it also requires effective communication, delegation of responsibilities, organization of large numbers of people and equipment, and a number of other critical thinking skills.

How This Course Builds on Previous Coursework

Additionally, we recognize that leadership in these situation requires a special kind of poise in order to execute these strategies effectively. That’s our course emphasizes real-world case histories in combination with a step-by-step process to assess, strategize, implement and problem-solve on the fly.

And because this course continues the techniques addressed in Tactics and Strategies I, we will look further at the effects of different settings on fire and rescue strategies:

  • Industrial and commercial occupancies
  • High-risk healthcare facilities
  • Hazardous materials
  • Potential terrorist attacks
  • Special occupancies and other structure fire variables

Upon Completion of Tactics and Strategies II

This course is one of several key components required to advance to Fire Officer II certification. Additionally, Tactics and Strategies II counts as 45 hours of continuing education units (CEUs) toward qualifying coursework for Fire Service Instructor.

And as always, this Couch Courses online class counts as three hours toward a degree with Columbia Southern University. In this case, this qualifies as a three-hour college course open elective or program elective.

The Next Step in Your Florida Firefighting Career

Once again, we want to congratulate you on progressing your Florida firefighter career. And we want to thank you for choosing the self-study online course route with Couch Courses. We know your time is valuable, but so is your career. You’re spending both in the right place.

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