Firefighting Tactics and Strategies II

Course Description

Couch Courses “ATPC2811 Firefighting Tactics and Strategies II” course is a 45-hour, self-paced, online fire course with continuous enrollment that is one of the mandatory courses for Florida Fire Officer II certification.

“ATPC2811 Firefighting Tactics and Strategies II” meets the Job Performance Requirements outlined by NFPA 1021. This course will familiarize students with operations involving multiple companies as well as issues including effective strategy, logistics, deployment of mutual aid services, and operations involving complex types of structures, taking what you learned in Firefighting Tactics & Strategies I and expanding with this course to be a well-rounded Fire Officer.

This course is aimed at company officers (fire officers) who find themselves in control of emergencies that require close coordination and effective deployment of a large number of personnel and all that equipment. The course focuses on developing strong thinking skills and effective risk management planning.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Identify the types of strategic components required by special occupancies and special situations
  • Identify the types of strategic elements required by high-risk and healthcare occupancies
  • Identify the characteristics of industrial and commercial occupancies, evaluate any potential issue, and factor in the impact these may have on fire and rescue strategies
  • Understand the types of strategies required for dealing with incidents involving hazardous materials and possible terrorist attacks
  • Effectively break down an incident and be familiar with incident stress

In addition to enrolling in this course, you must have:

  • Requirements to Attend: Completion of ATPC1810 or BFST1810 or FFP1810 Firefighting Tactics and Strategies I
  • Required Textbook (not included): Strategic & Tactical Considerations on the Fireground; 4th Edition; James P. Smith; Publisher Brady Fire Series; ISBN 13: 978-0134442648
  • E-Book: Strategic & Tactical Considerations on the Fireground; 4th Edition; James P. Smith; Publisher Brady Fire Series; ISBN: 9780134463544
  • NOTE: Couch Courses recommends you order your Textbook online prior to signing up for the course to prevent any delays in starting the coursework.
  • Accreditation: Columbia Southern University agreement:
    This course will convert to the 3-hr college class: Program Electives/Open Electives
  • A high-speed internet connection

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