Why Our Firefighting Tactics and Strategies I Course Matters

Why Our Firefighting Tactics and Strategies I Course Matters

When people think of becoming a Florida firefighter, they are usually envisioning having the basic skills that are covered in the Couch Courses Firefighting Tactics and Strategies I course.

While every firefighter skill is vital to the job, from health and safety to firefighter ethics, the tactics for properly, effectively and safely handling a fire emergency remain at the core of the firefighting service.

This Couch Courses online class trains prospective firefighters in the straightforward aspects of fire emergencies, as well as more nuanced and unpredictable aspects of firefighting. The course focuses on prioritizing lives and property while simultaneously considering the changing and evolving nature of a fire emergency; and how best to adapt, using available resources, as the emergency progresses.

If you’re just beginning your Florida firefighter career, then this Firefighting Tactics and Strategies I course is a must. And as with all Couch Courses firefighter training modules, this effective and BFST-certified online course is presented via online portal with maximum flexibility to fit into your schedule. (It also counts for three accredited hours toward your associates or bachelor’s degree.)

What is covered in the Firefighting Tactics I course?

To establish a vital foundation of knowledge and techniques for combatting fires, the Firefighting Tactics and Strategies I course covers the essentials of the firefighter’s responsibility to protect lives and property.

These essentials include assessing a fire emergency, determining the best use of available resources, and executing the best techniques for dealing with each unique fire situation. The course also focuses on ways to evaluate and adapt to the ever-changing nature of fire emergencies. With the skills learned in this course, fire officers will be equipped to effectively plan and execute a course of action for a fire emergency, and also adapt and implement changes to that plan as needed.

What Florida firefighter jobs require completion of the Firefighting Tactics I course?

 Successful completion of this course is required for all Florida fire officer positions. This course also counts toward continuing education requirements for those seeking to become a Fire Service Instructor.

This Couch Courses Firefighting Tactics I course has been certified by the Florida Bureau of Fire Standards and Training. When the course has been successfully completed, your grade will be uploaded into the FCDICE database.

Can I receive credit for this course toward my college degree?

If you are pursuing your associates or bachelor’s degree, this course converts to FIR 3312 Fire Ground Tactics I, a three-hour college class, with our partner Columbia Southern University.

What resources do I need to enroll in the Firefighting Tactics I course?

Firefighting students enrolling in this course must purchase Strategic & Tactical Considerations on the Fireground (4th Edition; James P. Smith; Publisher Brady Fire Series; ISBN 13: 978-0134442648). This book is also the required textbook for the Firefighting Tactics and Strategies II course.

You will also need access to a computer with high-speed internet connectivity.

This affordable online firefighter training course offers a self-paced, intuitive educational process to begin your firefighter career or to advance your position within the Florida firefighter and Florida emergency services system.

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