What Our Company Officer Course Does for Aspiring Florida Firefighters

What Our Company Officer Course Does for Aspiring Florida Firefighters - Couch Courses

So you want to be a Florida firefighter? Well, step right up!

Step right up to your own computer, that is. Couch Courses’ Company Officer Course is a great first step toward earning your Florida Fire Officer I certification and getting hired as a Florida state firefighter. It can also count toward your academic credits if you’re pursuing your college degree.

What does this course mean for you? Read this blog to find out more.

How Does Couch Courses’ Company Officer Course Work?

Our ATPC2720 Company Officer course is a self-paced, online, and continuous enrollment Florida firefighter training module.

Self-paced firefighter course means that you complete each step and requirement of this course within the 30-day time frame.  There are no set “class times” or other schedules. You work and study at your own pace.

Online Florida fire course training means that you do not “attend class” in person at any point during this course. Everything can be done with access to a computer and internet connection.

Continuous enrollment firefighter course means that you can sign up for this course and start training to become a Florida firefighter at any point during the year.

Does now sound like a good time to start your firefighter training? Then you can get started on the Couch Courses’ online Company Officer Course now. Does this fall work better for your training? Will you be getting a computer for Christmas? Early 2023? Our Fire Officer Course will be online waiting for you.

What Topics Does This Firefighter Course Cover?

 The Couch Courses Company Officer Course will familiarize you with the knowledge and training that will be tested on the Florida Fire Officer I certification exam given by the Florida Bureau of Fire Standards and Training.

Once you have officially completed this course, as well as the other FBFST requirements for pre-testing, you will qualify to sit for this exam.

Overall, the course is designed to teach you the tenets of fire service leadership, especially in high-stress situations. Fire department leadership topics include:

  • Fire service administration
  • Fire station organization
  • Fire service management theories
  • Effective leadership
  • Theories of motivation and motivating in the fire service
  • Managing small-group dynamics
  • Fire service problem solving
  • Fire service risk-reduction
  • Fire department leadership and performance self-evaluation

What Professional Skills Can I Gain from this Course?

After completion of the Couch Courses fire officer course, you will have practiced fire service skills that comply with standards of the National Fire Protection Association Standard for Fire Officer Professional Qualifications code book. These standards include incident management action plans in accordance with this NFPA guide.

You will also be familiarized with a broad spectrum of leadership and managerial skills and principles, including motivation, conflict resolution, training and coaching, preparation, interaction, and personnel evaluation.

Will This Course Apply Toward My Degree?

 Yes, through our partnership with Columbia Southern University, this Fire Officer I course can be used toward the credits needed to complete your degree, if that is your chosen academic path.

So congratulations! By enrolling in this course, you’re one step closer toward your Florida Fire Service career and/or your college degree. Let’s get started!

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