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Why Couch Courses for your Fire Classes?  Couch Courses is continually looking for ways to assist students and professionals through education, scholarships, and course sales.  That’s right, I said course sales!  Continue reading in order to find out more about savings, value, and offerings.

Who can take our courses?

First of all, anyone can take our fire courses. You don’t have to be seeking firefighter employment, employed as a firefighter, enrolled in a college institution, or even pursuing a college degree or promotion.  Although, they benefit all those situations!  They are transferrable to college credit for free with our partner Columbia Southern University anywhere in the U.S.  Our fire courses are also accredited by the Florida Bureau of Fire Standards and Training.  This means once you successfully complete a course with us, we will send your completion documentation to the Florida Bureau of Fire Standards and Training to be recorded in your FCDICE profile and applied towards obtaining firefighter certifications.

What Florida certifications do our classes work towards?

All our classes are geared towards acquiring a specific certificate with the Florida Bureau of Fire Standards and Training.  Currently, links to classes for some of these certifications follow: 

The Florida Bureau of Fire Standards and Training has a comprehensive list of their courses here at BFST Courses. We are working towards offering as many of these courses as possible!

What courses do we offer on sale?

Any of the courses we offer can go on sale.  You can find what course is currently on sale by visiting our website and looking for the Course of the Month.  We currently offer a variety of fire classes that range from Building Construction to Fire Chemistry.  To see all the courses we offer, check our website Full Course List.

What are the courses typical value and savings?

Right now, our courses are being offered at a cost of $125.00 per course. The course sale we offer reduces the price down to $100.00 per course.  This provides a savings to students of $25.00 per course.  This generous discount amounts to a reduction in cost of 20%.

This offer is one of the lowest costs for online, traditional classroom, and blended fire courses available. The type of course being offered is found in the course description area.  Not sure what a blended course is?  Watch this video to learn more about blended courses! 

Learn more about academic scholarships for fire academy attendees here

You can learn more about our scholarship application process and who qualifies by reviewing our Scholarship blog.  If you have any questions pertaining to this, you can contact us and just ask for any clarification.

Check our blog every month, where we’ll be discussing company news, professional development industry standards, e-learning tips, and much, much more.

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