Firefighter Scholarships

Couch Courses supports the pursuit of education in the field of firefighting by offering free firefighter scholarships. 

Education provides the building blocks to the growth and development of current and future firefighters.  Our courses offer students the opportunity to seek more advanced knowledge that will help them obtain the career they have always wanted in the fire service.  We do this in a few different ways:  by offering Firefighter I and II graduating cadets scholarship awards; by recognizing academic excellence in fire courses; and by honoring future leaders in the fire service.

Scholarship Awards

The Scholarship Awards we offer are equivalent to courses we offer.  $125 = 1 course, $250 = 2 courses.  These scholarships are only good for Couch Courses class offerings.  Read about our Scholarship Awards below. 

Scholarship Benefits

Couch Courses is an approved trainer by The Bureau of Fire Standards and Training. We automatically record successful completions to the FCDICE registry. This allows the students to begin a career with enhanced education and steps toward their Fire Officer training completion.

Some of the offered courses that could benefit the new recruit are:
Building Construction for the Fire Service
Company Officer
Fire Service Course Delivery
Firefighting Tactics and Strategy I

To get a full scope of the courses we offer, see a list of all our courses here.

Florida Fire Academy's Benefits

Offering scholarships and enhanced education opportunities to graduates makes your academy more attractive than those schools that may not offer the same benefits.

Once approved, and awards are given, we create media content promoting your academy on our sites and with our different partners.

Cadet Benefits

Entering the workforce with course completions makes the cadet more competent, employable, and desirable to hiring agencies.

College credit is transferrable to our partner Columbia Southern University.  This means students can work towards their fire certificates along with obtaining a fire science degree.

Scholarship Enrollment Form

To qualify for the scholarship program is very easy.  Here are the steps:

  1. The fire program director, chief, or their designated representative needs to fill this form out and hit the “Submit Form” button below.
  2. We receive it and contact the designee to qualify them.
  3. We show up to your awards ceremony and present the award or awards.

Get your students a little extra boost in the academic department and at the same time help your fire academy and/or fire department stand out!  

Scholarship Application Form

Please fill out this form to qualify your fire department or fire academy for scholarships

Scholarship Application Form

Scholarship Award Winners