Firefighters’ #1 Opportunity For Professional Development Using Couch Courses

What does it take to become a firefighter?  It comes down to desire and commitment.  Firefighting is similar to other professions:  It requires an education, training, learning from experiences, and continuing education in the form of CEU’s.

How do you get started firefighting?

Reach out to your local career or volunteer fire department and find out what the requirements are for application.  Some agencies have a local application process, while others utilize a national testing process. 

Typically, you will need a minimum of a high school diploma / GED and Firefighter I & II.  Some agencies require you to have EVOC (Emergency Vehicle Operations Course).  Most require you to have an EMT-B or EMT-P certification.  

Can these courses you offer help me get hired as firefighter?

Although taking any courses beyond the requirements for hire don’t guarantee you get hired, they certainly go a long way in showing your dedication to education and learning more about the firefighting career you intend to work in.  From the view of a hiring panel, if all the applicants have the same minimum qualifications, then what will set them apart?  Simple….the applicant with more qualifying accomplishments.  So register now!

What do I do after I get hired as a firefighter?

Well, if you are hired as a firefighter in training, you will be busy during your probational period learning all the Standard Operating Procedures, Medical Protocols, and Organizational Policies.  Along with getting to know all your new coworkers, tools, response zones, and much more.  

Allow yourself time to settle in.  Once you are settled into your new position, don’t wait for someone to tell you to learn more.  Get after it!  We recommend any of the Fire Officer I courses.  If you want to start off with a free course, start with Courage to be Safe.

What if I’m a firefighter with a few years on the job and I don’t want to promote right now or maybe ever?

Even if you are a seasoned firefighter, and you want to or aren’t sure if you want to promote, these classes can help you.  They provide so much in-depth information that can help improve your knowledge and understanding on topics like Building Construction and Tactics & Strategies.

A bit of advice for the salty dog….don’t put yourself into a position where you wish you had your courses lined up when an opportunity for promotion presents itself and you suddenly want to get after it!

I’m a firefighter with some time on the job and I want to promote or get ready to promote, how do I?

Ok, speaking in general terms, there are requirements to qualify for different levels of the organization you work for, and there are also state requirements to qualify.  You have to look up your individual agency and states requirements to know exactly what they are.  Some general ideas are shown in the following diagrams:

How can Couch Courses help me to prepare for my promotion?

Well, put simply, we can currently help get you the classes needed to for your Fire Officer I & II designation, and some of your specialty courses.  We can also assist you in obtaining credit towards your Associates and/or Bachelor’s Degree with our partner Columbia Southern University, or CEU’s recorded with FCDICE if you are located in the State of Florida.

What else can Couch Courses do for me?

CSU also offers Couch Courses students a Learning Partner Tuition Discount of 10% and an application fee waiver ($25.00 value currently). 

Our website includes more information about these degree programs and discounts, as well as links to their applications.

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