Florida State Pump Operator Series






Couch Courses is proud to offer “ATPC1301 Fire Service Hydraulics” and “ATPC1302 Apparatus Operations” in a blended format. This unique opportunity will allow students to spend less time away from families and work, and more time studying at their convenience.

This combination of courses will consist of one day in person for practical application with the prequisite of having completed the classroom portion in an online format. Students will have the opportunity to learn the required content as laid out by the Florida Bureau of Fire Standards and Training before stepping on the training ground.

This package includes both ATPC1301 Hydraulics for the Fire Service and ATPC1302 Apparatus Operatrions courses.

Fire Service Hydraulics curriculum covers the relationship between flow and pressure and mathematical hydraulic formulas. The course includes pump theory, pump rating, and pressure and vacuum gauges. Students must possess a simple calculator with a square root function.

Apparatus Operations curriculum covers the laws, rules and driving techniques for emergency vehicles, as well as a review of fire service hydraulics. Fire ground evolutions make up the practical part of the course. The evolution may include the use of preconnected lines, tandem pumping, drafting, relays and master streams. The student should have a basic understanding of fire stream hydraulics prior to entering this course.

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