Fire Service Hydraulics

Course Description

Course ID:  ATPC1301
Course Title:  Fire Service Hydraulics
Provider:  Couch Courses LLC
Audience:  Firefighters

Location:  Couch Courses LLC – 45 Hours blended learning is required. 

This course requires in class attendance at a designated location and time for the final practical.  This is determined by the Course Instructor during the course enrollment period.  

Calendar of In-Class Events:  Take the time now to look at the Fire Service Hydraulics Final Presentation events page that the Instructors have created to see if it fits your schedule, prior to signing up for the class.

Description: The course curriculum covers relationship between flow and pressure and mathematical hydraulic formulas. Course includes pump theory, pump rating, and pressure and vacuum gauges. Students must possess a simple calculator with square root function.

Required Textbook (not included)Pumping and Aerial Apparatus Driver/Operator Handbook (3rd ed.); IFSTA Publishing (2015); ISBN: 978-087039571-1.  This book is used for the following Couch Courses fire courses:  Fire Service Hydraulics, Apparatus Operations, and Aerial Operations.

E-Book: Pumping and Aerial Apparatus Driver/Operator Handbook (3rd ed.); IFSTA Publishing (2015); ISBN: 978-0-87939-575-9

Couch Courses recommends you order your Textbook online prior to signing up for the course to prevent any delays in starting the coursework.

Accreditation:  Columbia Southern University Agreement:
This course will convert to 3 hr. college class FIR 3304 Fire Protection Hydraulics and Water Supply

Certifications Served:  For a full and current list of state certifications that this course will assist in achieving, please visit our BFST Certifications page.

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