What Separates Couch Courses From Other Agencies?

Why Couch Courses for your Fire Classes?  Couch Courses is an agency with the mission to transform lives through education and service.  Our educational process delivers on this mission by giving each student a roadmap to achieve their aspirations.  Read more here.

What does Couch Courses offer those other agencies don’t?

Hey, we get it, you have options when it comes to fire classes.  We just want to tell you those options probably don’t offer fire courses at this affordable of a price. Not only is it affordable, but you can also take courses that are completely online, or blended courses that offer the majority online and then a final project/presentation in person.  Check our events calendar to see when we offer the in-class portion for the classes you are interested in.

Don’t waste money on fuel.  Don’t waste time driving to and from the brick-and-mortar facility every single day.  With our online courses, you have the ability to study from the comfort of your favorite place.  All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

What Florida certifications do Couch Courses’classes work towards?

All our classes are geared towards acquiring a specific certificate with the Florida Bureau of Fire Standards and Training.  Currently, links to classes for some of these certifications follow: 

The Florida Bureau of Fire Standards and Training has a comprehensive list of their courses here at BFST Courses. We are working towards offering as many of these courses as possible!

What is a Taskbook?

Some of the certificates that are offered by the Bureau require a Taskbook to be completed.  What is a taskbook?  It is a tool used to document that a candidate has demonstrated certain skills required to perform in the role they are applying to.  Although the school portion is the learning portion, it doesn’t provide actual demonstrations of your ability to perform in a position.  That is what the Taskbook is for.  Make sure you read the rules on the Taskbook form.

Does Couch Courses Count Towards College Credit?

Yes!  Guys, this is something special!  We searched and searched, and finally we found a partner we liked…. Columbia Southern University. We successfully passed their arduous assessment process and were approved.  Through this partnership, all Couch Courses offerings can qualify as secondary-education course credits. This means that your online courses easily convert to higher education credits from CSU. As such, they are transferrable for college credits toward your associate’s or bachelor’s degree at CSU.  It doesn’t get any better than this! 

CSU also offers Couch Courses students a Learning Partner Tuition Discount of 10% and an application fee waiver ($25.00 value currently). 

Our website includes more information about these degree programs and discounts, as well as links to their applications.

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