What “Course Delivery” Course Skills Can Do for You

ATPC1740 Fire Service Course Delivery Course | Couch Courses

Effective communication skills apply to any professional environment, especially those in leadership positions. In emergency situations, the ability to communicate clearly and efficiently can make the difference between life and death.

Couch Courses’ Course Delivery online course provides you with the educational credits as well as the professional skills needed for a variety of titles, jobs and scenarios you will encounter within the fire service.

This course can be completed in your own home (with a computer and high-speed internet access). However, in order to receive credit for this course, you will be required to present at a Course Delivery Final Presentation in-person live event.

What educational and professional certifications can this course be used for?

The Bureau of Fire Standards and Training requires completion of the “ATPC1740 Fire Service Course Delivery” course as part of the professional requirements for those pursuing career advancement toward Fire Service Instructor as well as Fire Officer I. Couch Courses is a certified provider of BFST firefighter training curriculum.

The Course Delivery course credit can also be applied toward your entry-level fire service educational requirements and/or toward earning your degree with Columbia Southern University.

What skills does the Course Delivery course cover?

“Course Delivery” essentially means the skills needed to train and impart necessary fire-service knowledge onto your peers and professional, adult students.

To serve as a Florida state fire service firefighter instructor or officer, you must be able to effectively communicate complex concepts in a clear, efficient manner. Successful communication means that your students and peers understand and retain what you’re teaching them.

The Couch Courses Course Delivery course covers adult learning principles and walks you through a variety of teaching methods and mechanics for thorough, immediate, and long-lasting instruction. These methods apply to a wide range of professional scenarios, but you will also learn some situation-specific teaching techniques. This course also covers how to use visual aids, media and other tools for effective learning, as well as different ways to measure teaching effectiveness.

Ultimately, the aim of this course is to provide you with a number of skills for successful communication and instruction, including:

  • Creating a positive learning environment
  • Applying and/or adapting adult learning principles toward a variety of educational topics
  • How to incorporate visual aids, multimedia tools and other real-world devices into your instruction
  • Completing practical training scenarios both effectively and safely, in accordance with NFPA standards and Florida statutes
  • Forming and administering assessments
  • Knowing legal requirements and concerns regarding instruction situations and classroom settings

Understanding the role of a fire service instructor in accordance with NFPA 1041, Fire Service Instructor Professional Qualifications, and Florida Rule 69A-37

Why Couch Courses is your Florida fire service Course Delivery educational resource.

Embarking on a new career or major promotion can be a daunting undertaking, especially while handling your current professional, educational and familial responsibilities—not to mention maintaining your mental health.

Couch Courses provides you with up-to-date Florida fire service educational resources, delivered to your home, on your schedule, and in engaging, effective formats that best prepare you for success as a Florida firefighter and/or college graduate.

Once your class is successfully completed with us, we will upload your information online to the BFST FCDICE.

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