What Can Couch Courses Do for My Career?

What Can Couch Courses Do for My Career?

Welcome to Couch Courses, offering the best continuing education courses, certification requirements and professional development resources online.

Here’s a breakdown of what we do, and what you can gain from us:

What is e-learning professional development?

Generally speaking, professional development and continuing education courses provide you with the information and training you need to advance in your industry. Couch Courses’ e-learning, self-study format allows you to pursue career advancement while working  your current job and meeting the needs of your family.

Many industries—and the professional organizations that oversee them—require their professionals to undergo certain training regimens and/or accredited coursework in order to attain certain professional certifications to be eligible to be hired or promoted, or to otherwise advance in the industry.

In short, aspiring professionals must take classes in order to qualify for employment. Industries that may require professional certifications, accreditation or other CE coursework include

  • First responders (firefighters, police, EMTs)
  • Health care professionals (nurses, radiographic technologists
  • Teachers
  • Skilled trades (mechanics, carpenters, welders, journeymen)
  • Computer technicians

What industries does Couch Courses serve?

Couch Courses currently offers an extensive spectrum of courses for entry-level firefighters and for those experienced firefighters seeking professional advancement within the fire service. We have classes for aspiring fire officers, fire service instructors, fire service health and safety officers, incident safety officers, and more.

These courses not only train you to be adept in these positions within the fire service; the course credits are acknowledged and accredited by the Florida Bureau of Fire Standards and Training (BFST). (Read more about Florida fire service certification coursework requirements here.) See each individual course description for the specifics of its accreditations, certification qualifications, and continuing education credit hours.

Some examples of our accredited firefighter curriculum:

Can Couch Courses credits also help me attain a college degree?

Yes! Couch Courses proudly partners with Columbia Sothern University. Through this partnership, all Couch Courses offerings can qualify as secondary-education course credits. This means that your online courses easily convert to higher education credits from CSU. As such, they are transferrable for college credits toward your associate’s or bachelor’s degree at CSU.

CSU also offers Couch Courses students a Learning Partner Tuition Discount.

Additionally, if you’re a firefighter in Florida and you’re working toward your bachelor’s or associate degree within the state, you may qualify for the Firefighters Supplemental Compensation Program. Read more here.

Our website includes more information about these degree programs and discounts, as well as links to their applications, here.

What else does Couch Courses offer?

 Couch Courses is not just another e-learning online program. We care about our students, and we want to see them succeed. That means we focus on an effective learning curriculum while also providing the tools to apply those lessons to your specific career path.

Questions? Just reach out. Our dedicated Couch Courses staff are invested in your success.

Check our blog every month, where we’ll be discussing company news, professional development industry standards, e-learning tips, and much, much more.

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