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Welcome to Couch Courses, the #1 solution for firefighter e-learning. Couch Courses is a Florida-based, life-paced, self-study school that focuses on helping our fire students with professional improvement and career development.

Current Course Offerings

What Couch Courses is All About!

Study and take courses right from the comfort of your own home with Couch Courses, the #1 solutions to e-learning in Florida

Couch Courses currently offers classes for firefighter career development and advancement, and we are working to expand our course list to include other fire course opportunities

Couch Courses has a partnership with Columbia Southern University (CSU) which affords our students a discounted tuition rate and the ability to easily transfer our online courses to college credits. In addition to the CSU partnership, our fire classes are accredited through the Florida Bureau of Fire Standards and Training (BFST) and credit is posted to the FCDICE registry.

Fire Courses taken with Couch Courses can help our students achieve their personal and professional goals, whether it’s for a college degree or Florida State certification. Due to our agreement with Columbia Southern University (CSU), our students do not need to be Florida State certified firefighters to benefit from our online learning opportunities. Most of our courses have been evaluated and accredited through CSU and will convert to college level classes.

Each of our courses individually detail the (CSU) and BFST accreditation details in the course description.

For more information, please visit our about and our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)) pages.