Statewide Emergency Response Plan

Course Description

Couch Courses “ATPC9572 Statewide Emergency Response Plan” course is a self-paced, online fire course training system with continuous enrollment. SERP is a 6-hour fully online course that is part of the required coursework for the Florida Fire Officer II Certification.

Successful completion of the course work here in our online training system, along with the other components of the Florida Fire Officer II series will qualify students to sit for the Florida Fire Officer II certification exam through the Florida Bureau of Fire Standards and Training.

ATPC9572 Statewide Emergency Response Plan” will introduce students to Florida’s system, components, benefits, and how the system works. Students will also learn the components and processes for mutual aid and how to run a post incident analysis to assure that needed information is obtained and used to assist with future emergencies.

This course covers the following topics:
  • History
  • The Florida Division of Emergency Management
  • SERP Overview
  • Resource Management
  • Training and Credentialing
  • Plan Activations
  • MARC Units
  • Reimbursement Procedures
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
  • Describe SERP and its Emergency Support Functions
  • Explain the purpose of the Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan and the State Emergency Response Team
  • Describe the SERP mission and partnerships and coordination
  • Identify the 7 regions and their structure
  • Describe the purpose of the Emergency Response Committee
  • Identify the SERP liaisons and key positions
  • Discuss terminology used to define resource grouping
  • Describe the components and purpose of mission ready packages
  • Explain the activation steps for regional and state-wide deployment
  • Identify the various types of deployments
  • Be familiar with the Florida Fire Chiefs’ Association Statewide Emergency Response Plan (SERP)
  • Describe the purpose of local mutual aid
  • Describe Intrastate Mutual Aid and its relation to SERP
  • Describe Interstate Mutual Aid
  • Identify what types of incidents should be reviewed
  • Identify what documentation and information will be needed for the PIA
  • Discuss the development of the final report

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